Florida, not just a Vacation Paradise

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So many reasons to visit Florida The Florida dream There are endless reasons to take a trip to Florida: Over 120 million people make their way to the Sunshine State each year, more than to any other state in the US.  The Orlando region alone hosts 70 million visitors, more than the world cities of London, Paris, Berlin, and Rome … Read More

An Apartment in Florida as a Profitable Investment Opportunity

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Boost your returns with an apartment in Florida Germany as an invest desert In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to find ways to achieve a sufficient passive income for retirement.  There is virtually no interest on financial investments and it seems like this situation will only continue. More and more Germans are beginning to worry about life insurance … Read More

Rental Income in Florida

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Better Unlimited Returns Than Capped Rent Investing in rental apartments in Germany is no longer interesting for investors. The fact that too few apartments are being built is a well-known issue and added to this is “rent control”, which further aggravates the situation and makes rental apartments an even less attractive prospect. In a global economy, no one has to … Read More

Florida Real Estate: Tax Savings Made Easy

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That’s how real estate investment in Florida has become such a lucrative business. Why Florida? The word’s out. Spending holidays in Florida is idyllic and more and more tourists from all over the world are enjoying the many benefits of the Sunshine State. Some are also taking advantage of Florida’s cheap real estate prices and are investing in vacation villas … Read More